Private Basketball Lessons in Palm Beach County, FL and Capital Region, NY

Your Choice Sports co-founders Sara Malone and Ed Malone are now offering private and small group basketball lessons for boys and girls in West Palm Beach, Florida. Sara played college basketball at Northwood University in West Palm Beach, coached varsity basketball at St. Ann School and is the Athletic Director at St. Juliana School.

Contact Ed at or 518-527-7164 to schedule a free evaluation or basketball lesson in Palm Beach County.

Ed Malone is also Director for lessons in the greater Albany area in upstate New York. Contact Ed at

Coming Soon... Private Basketball Lessons in St. Augustine, FL!

Basketball Lessons Can Make You a Better Player!

Basketball Lessons West Palm Beach FL

Individual training is an effective means for a player to improve. Your Choice Basketball Lessons helps players improve their game through private & semi-private training sessions. We work closely with each player, parent, and coach to develop and implement training programs that provide measureable results.

Your Choice Basketball Lessons are for boys and girls ages 9 and up who want to improve their basketball game.

The basics of basketball are introduced in a structured learning environment where the player does not feel the pressure of performance. As the player's skill level increases, the confidence of feeling prepared in a competitive game situation will come naturally.

  • The coaching environment allows for the tailoring of drills and techniques to suit the individual’s goals whether that is wanting to make a team, get more playing time, or develop basic fundamentals.   
  • Each 45-minute session is structured to improve and build upon your current level of play. We design our standard sessions for one or two players. You can sign up for a Six-Lesson Package (recommended) …or a Single Session.
  • Shooting Workouts focus on:
    • Form Shooting
    • Shooting off the catch, shooting off the dribble, shooting off screens & shooting accuracy
    • Proper footwork & pivoting
    • Increased Shooting Percentage & Increased SHOOTING CONFIDENCE!

Your Choice Sports Staff

Your Choice - Coach Sara Malone

Co-founder Sara Malone played D II Women’s Basketball for four years at Northwood University in West Palm Beach, FL. She was recently appointed Athletic Director of St. Juliana School and is pursuing a graduate teaching degree.

Sara coached the 2012 girls varsity basketball team at St. Ann Catholic School in West Palm Beach and her experience includes Assistant Coach for Women's Basketball at Converse College in Spartanburg, SC.

While playing at Northwood, her team won their Conference all four years and finished with a 40-8 Conference record. She was a Dean’s List student, receiving All-Conference Academic Honors. Her passion for the game of basketball and enjoyment working with younger players offers a unique combination for your son or daughter to learn how to play basketball with more confidence while also being encouraged to focus on academics.

Off season, Sara has spent time working with special needs kids and coaching an AAU travel team. Sara has coached CYO Basketball and has extensive experience managing and working at several local, regional and national youth basketball camps and tournaments.

Your Choice - Coach Ed Malone

Ed Malone is co-founder and director of Your Choice Sports Lessons. Ed has seventeen years of experience coaching boys and girls from 2nd through 12th grades at all levels including CYO, AAU & High School. He is the former Adirondack AAU Girls Basketball Chair, and has developed basketball camps and tournaments in New York and New Jersey.

Ed, along with co-founders Sara Malone and Chuck Hunt, developed Your Choice to offer a selection of training options for players to improve their skills in a private or semi-private setting.

Your Choice - Coach Chuck Hunt

Co-founder Chuck Hunt is a coach who cares. He brings unlimited energy and years of coaching experience to everyone he trains and follows his player’s progress as they move from youth basketball to high school ball to college and beyond.

Chuck will give your son or daughter the on-court knowledge and tools they need to take their game to the next level.

The combination of Ed, Sara and Chuck’s basketball coaching and playing experience has led to creation of a system that features an organized detail-oriented program geared to the player’s abilities and potential. Sessions are taught by a trained coach who will emphasize player development and improvement. All training is done in a competitive, yet positive and enthusiastic manner.

Your Choice is for Boys & Girls!

Your Choice Basketball Lessons
Your Choice Basketball Lessons

At Your Choice…it’s all about the boys and girls we train! Basketball training programs are designed to develop fundamental basketball skills no matter what age or position you play.

Some of the skills emphasized include:

  • Shooting Form & Accuracy
  • Ball-Handling
  • Post & Perimeter Play Moves
  • Moving Without the Ball & Getting Open
  • Rebounding
  • Perimeter and Interior Passing
  • Setting and Using Screens

Private Lessons (One Player)

Private Basketball Lessons West Palm Beach FL

Once you register for a six private lesson package, you will receive a FREE Player Evaluation

During each workout session our goal is for you to have fun and gain confidence. You will improve your conditioning and fundamental basketball skills working one-on-one with an experienced trainer!

Your Choice Basketball Lessons can help you improve individual skills including shooting, passing and ball handling. Each player receives a custom program geared to their specific abilities.

Players, coaches and parents can request the trainer focus on specific skills the player is looking to improve.

Semi-Private Lessons (2 Players)

Semi-Private training is an extremely effective way to improve basketball skills by offering intense workouts, enabling learning to occur at a fast pace. Two players work hard to push each other to improve basketball skills under the guidance of an experienced trainer.

Semi-Private Basketball Lessons

Semi-Private Training will work on fundamentals and also provides a chance to compete against another player. Each player receives maximum benefit during the 45 minute intensive workouts. Workouts will focus on each player’s unique performance goals and emphasize the following:

  • How to become a scorer
  • Position specific offensive moves (Perimeter and Post)
  • Defensive concepts and fundamentals
  • Ball Handling & Passing
  • Game-like situations through competitive drills
  • Competitive games of 1-on-1.

For the Serious Athlete

Phelps Training Systems

If you want to focus even more on increased physical performance, we recommend our strength and conditioning partner.

Phelps Training provides strength, speed, agility, and conditioning training to supplement your basketball and other sports workouts.

Core Strength, Speed and Agility Training  prepares you for competition and helps keep you in top physical condition in and off-season.

To receive more information on private and semi-private Basketball Lessons - or to set up your own training sessions, you can register online, Contact Ed Malone at (518) 527-7164, or use our contact form.

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